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Developed in October 2003, elete Electrolytes is a division of Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI), a family-owned dietary supplement manufacturer. MRI has manufactured and sold quality nutritional dietary supplements to several distributors and markets within the United States and internationally for decades.

elete, The Electrolyte Add-In

elete was launched in response to an unanswered need within the marketplace. We recognized that no other electrolyte-replacement formula on the market offered a method to allow athletes to add a complete, customized balance of electrolytes to their water bottle or hydration system. In addition, we desired to create a product that would allow athletes to consume carbs in the manner that works best for them.

Many sports drinks and electrolyte-replacement formulas contain high amounts of sugar and low levels of electrolytes, which often lead to a host of unpleasant side effects such as bloating, stomach cramps, and nausea that interfere when performance truly counts. Further, most electrolyte-replacement products contain one or two electrolytes sodium and/or potassium. elete is the only electrolyte in its class athletes can add to their hydration system or water bottle that allows them to replace all of the electrolytes they lose during activity while maintaining complete control over the amount of carbs they consume.

elete is committed to providing the highest quality electrolyte product that provides optimal hydration. Whether the consumer is a hardcore endurance athlete or someone who just wants to ensure they are providing their body with the necessary elements for good health, elete is the superior choice for instant hydration, superior performance, and quick recovery.

Why elete is a Superior Electrolyte?


Electrolytes are essential to our health.

They help our body absorb water and control fluid balance.* Although drinking water during exercise is critical to avoid dehydration, drinking plain water that is not fortified with electrolytes can lead to a serious condition called hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when the concentration of sodium in the blood falls to extremely low levels, which can result in seizures, coma, and death.

Electrolytes not only prevent dehydration, but they're critical to muscle function, nerve conduction, energy production and flow, and heart function.* For the endurance athlete, a major benefit of electrolytes is that they help prevent muscle cramps, which can impede performance.*

Athletes must be careful to avoid a shortage of electrolytes during training.
Loss of electrolytes through sweat must be replaced, but most sports drink and electrolyte replacement supplements, powders, and gels ignore the fact that the body also uses an additional balance of minerals beyond sodium. One essential electrolyte is magnesium, which is necessary for energy production, muscle contraction, and cardiovascular health.* Another important reason athletes need to supplement with a balance of electrolytes is that if minerals (electrolytes) become depleted, negative effects like cramping occur.* Magnesium–not sodium–supports optimal muscle function.*

Sweat contains more than sodium and potassium
While sodium and potassium are two important elements in sweat, they are not the only ones. Sweat also contains magnesium, chloride, and other trace minerals.

It is better to replace electrolytes throughout activity
The best way to replace electrolytes is in moderate quantities every time you drink, not in short, concentrated bursts.

Sugar-laden sports drinks can be overwhelming
While carbohydrates are necessary for the body to manufacture energy, drinking sugar in every gulp fatigues the palate, causes nausea, and provides more calories than is necessary. Did you know that a serving of most sports drinks contains as much sugar as Kool-Aid®?

elete is the only electrolyte fully compatible with hydration systems
Unlike sports drinks or electrolyte-replacement powders or gels, elete Electrolyte Add-In and elete CitriLyte Add-In can be added to your hydration system without negatively affecting the integrity of the bladder, hose, or valve. In addition, elete requires no more cleanup for your pack than plain water.

elete has proven to be a hit with endurance athletes . In fact, a survey showed that 99 percent of competitive endurance athletes felt that elete is a solution to their hydration needs. elete was created in October 2003. But you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from elete.

elete is manufactured by Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI), a family-owned dietary supplement manufacturer, with more than 40 years in the nutritional supplement industry. MRI complies with current good manufacturing practices, which means you can be assured that elete is manufactured to the highest quality standards. In addition, elete is certified by Informed-Choice.org as being free from any World Anti-Doping Agency-banned substances. elete Electrolyte Add-In and elete CitriLyte Add-In are made using natural sea mineral concentrates to achieve its unique blend and balance of electrolytes.

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