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New Riding Partner – elete Electrolytes

My new partner isn’t someone I met at the LBS or on a social ride. It’s elete Electrolyte Add-In. . . . Read the rest

Review of Elete Electrolyte Replacement Concentrate

I’ve added Elete to our first aid kit and I will carry a small bottle of the concentrate while camping. . . . Read the rest

A Cure for Boozing or Running.

Imagine, if you will, a sports drink that may also help over-imbibers . . . Read the rest

August 02
elete electrolyte Add-In offers much less (and that's a good thing)

elete electrolyte add-in elete electrolyte add-in may be the only bona fide electrolyte supplement out there because . . . Read the rest

June 11
The Cyclist: elete Electrolyte Add-in

To cramp or not to cramp, that is the question. With all apologies to Shakespeare, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in. . . Read the rest

February 25
Cycling Underground: Response on elete Electrolytes

About a month ago, a newer company called elete sent over some electrolyte products for us to try out. I’d heard of this company . . . Read the rest

February 25
Girl Get Strong Club Review elete Electrolyte Add-In.

I had the opportunity to try out elete Electrolyte Add-In, which is a liquid you add to your water to replenish your electrolytes . . Read the rest

Novemeber 09
elete Electrolyte Add-In Sports Drink Supplement.

elete Electrolyte Add-In is an electrolyte replacement, offered in both liquid and tablet form . . . Read the rest

January 13
elete water, A Simple Solution for Optimum Hydration.

Over the past few years Team Axarsport has advised and hosted numerous people who have come to Andalucia to train in the sun and heat . . . Read the rest

November 28
TrailRunner Lists elete as a Race-Day Essential

TrailRunner Lists elete Electrolyte Add-In Among Race-Day Essentials Must-Have Gear and Accessories . . . Read the PDF

September 13
Stay Charged

Electrolytes keep you cool and running smoothly when the temperature rises. Read the PDF

January 25
Adventure Cycling Association Ultralight Cycling Travel Tips.

A typical bicycle traveler loads their bike up with front and rear racks, four panniers, a handlebar bag, and . . .Read the rest

December 22
elete Pure Electrolyte Add-In GearReview.com

Hydration packs can be a pain. Don't get me wrong, they are really, really handy . . . Read the rest

October 01
Review from PezCycling News

Next in line is an outstanding hydration product from ELETE . . . Read the rest

May 15



te Testimonial – Richard Yates

Richard is a 400 Hurdles athlete and UK 2008 Champion, and he believes in the benefits of elete…read more

Research Highlights Electrolyte Benefits

The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of a water + electrolyte solution versus plain water ….read more

Biathlete Champions Update

US Nationals, Schalke Biathlon World Team Challenge, & Mammoth Lakes Biathlon read more on our blog

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