Customer Testimonials

Note: If you are taking prescription medications and/or under the care of a physician,consult your physician first before consuming elete or any dietary supplement.

Bruce Anderson from Mineral Resources International Inc. located in West Haven Utah, contacted me regarding a product called elete Electrolyte. He said it is an all natural add-in for use when performance counts and you need to be at your absolute best. This product helps with hydration, keeps muscles working in tip-top condition, and aids in recovering quickly following exertion. elete Electrolytes provides balanced ions of magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride without extra carbs, sugars, or any artificial ingredients.

I have personally used this product for the past four months and must say that it works for me! In the past, whenever I worked-out, whether mountain biking or hiking, my muscles would cramp and I would tire rather quickly. Ever since I started adding elete Electrolytes to my water during my morning work-out, I haven’t had any cramping and I feel more energized.

Sgt. Brandon Toll Weber County Search and Rescue (Utah)

I’ve been using this product for over a year and it has quickly become one of my daily staples. I stay hydrated longer, recover more quickly, and find it easier and quicker to ingest than carrying around bananas. I can now tell when my body becomes deficient and will squirt then wash down with water, on the fly, anywhere and anytime. The 25-ml flasks make it that easy to get what I need when I need it.

Audrey Sniezek Professional Rock Climber

We have taken 4 1st pros this year with our 1st team squad (18 yr olds). With being a small pro club they have been needed to step up to the plate and be involved in most games. The problem with kids doing this as you will know are physically, mentally & physiologically it's completely different to academy football. They had mainly been struggling with cramp & fatigue and we used the usual drinks/recovery aids, i.e. powerade/recovery shakes.

I am pleased to say with using your product in training and before and after games we have more or less completely resolved the issues. They are managing full games without cramping even when not playing every week.

Needless to say when this bottle is finished I will be purchasing some more.

Neil Dalton Head physiotherapist, Carlisle United FC

I am a gastric bypass patient and dehydration is a number one killer for us! I use elete literally to keep me alive. I add it to all my water and I am required to drink 64 ounces a day. Whenever I see someone buying Smart Water I tell them if you want to be even “smarter” you will use elete. I cant drink water without elete, it tastes terrible without it! I recommend elete to anyone and everyone I know. I especially advocate strongly to gastric bypass patients that elete will save their life too!!

Thank you for helping me stay alive!

Brandi Russell

I am continuing to be amazed at your product. I shot in St. Louis this past weekend with the heat index reaching 114 degrees on several days in a row and hydration was never an issue with me. I would like to get some product from you [and] am also interested in distributing some to my students as well.

Paul Giambrone, III, M.B.A.Giambrone Shooting Clinics,

I am a sprint kayak coach and have been a coach on Australian teams for years and until recently was the coach of the US national team. I have used ELETE for years myself in endurance events and found it to be the most effective way of ensuring that I do not cramp in the second half of long races.

I have done 16 crossings of the Ka’iwi channel myself and the first few I did without ELETE and suffered immensely with cramps and dehydration towards the end of these events. For many years now I have used ELETE and have not had a problem.

Guy Wilding

Tracy and I love the CitriLyte! We can't stand the taste of thick sugary sports drinks, but CitriLyte from Elete offers a nice crisp and refreshing taste and gives you the electrolytes you need to perform and feel your best. The CitriLyte comes in many different sized bottles so you can add CitriLyte to your water at home or on the go. With the amount of traveling we do, we love the convenience and size of the CitriLyte 25mL bottles that fit in just about anything.

Tracy & Lanny Barnes

The reason I use Elete is simple: it keeps me hydrated, prevents muscles cramps and facilitates recovery. The new CytriLyte not only provides me with all of the electrolytes that I need but its also a source of zinc which supports a healthy immune system – something that is particularly important to me! I add original Elete to my carb drinks while training and racing and I use Cytrilyte in my drinking water when I'm off the bike. I find that CytriLyte enhances the taste of plain water and helps ensure that I get enough Zinc in my diet to fend off coughs and colds.

Sally Bigham Pro MTB Rider

Thought you might like an update – I just broke another world record! I ran the length of Ireland, Mizen Head to Malin Head, 345 miles, finished in 4 days 1 hr 39 mins and took over 21 hours off the record. I ran from 25th – 29th March 2012 – that week of glorious weather, so the Elete was used in all my drinks as usual and finished in fine shape – just a tad tired from only 10 hrs sleep in 4 days though.

Sharon Gayter Ultra-Endurance Champion Runner

In the last 15 years I have worked as a nutritionist across a range of professional sports including International Rugby & Cricket, Olympic level road and track cycling and more recently Athletics and flat water Canoeing for athletes preparing for the London 2012 Olympics. During this time I have been exposed to and trialled a number of products aimed at assisting hydration in the wide variety of climatic conditions faced by globe trotting athletes. Elete electrolytes are by far my current top choice for a natural and adaptable solution to the crucial issue of hydration. Naturally sourced and without any additives or unwanted calories this provides a versatile tool for ensuring minerals are replenished and fluid balance is optimized in a range of conditions.

Glenn Kearney M Sc, B Phed UK Athletics Senior Nutritionist

Wayne White (LCCC All-Rounder)
Wayne White (LCCC All-Rounder) using elete during a gym session at LCCC High Performance Centre.

"Elete water provides the Leicestershire Foxes with essential electrolytes to aid hydration. It allows our players to maintain concentration levels when out in the field whether its batting, bowling or fielding to maximise performance. Elete is a valuable product that we use in our daily training and matches, and was key to maintaining the hydration levels of players during our successful Twenty20 Championship last year.”

Josh Gabriel-ClarkeHead of Strength & Conditioning, Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Whenever I train, I need to know that my body has all it needs to work at 100% consistently and efficiently. Using Elete in my drinks gives me a noticeable boost in how energetic and awake I feel during my sessions as well as through the day. It also allows me to stay optimally hydrated without having to consume large quantities of fluid, meaning I can stay lighter and more powerful during sessions. Highly recommended.

Ben ReynoldsIrish Sprint Hurdles Champion

I had a great race at the 12 Hour Bootleg last weekend finishing 1st with a strong 3 lap lead.  I have been struggling with hydration this season and [was] totally dehydrated in the 6 hour Frog Hollow race that cost me a 2nd place (I finished a distant 3rd).  But I made two important modifications for the Bootleg race: More disciplined hydration, and I switched from E_____ to elete tablytes.

I have been using E_____ for a couple years, but I could never get enough of them down during races to be effective.  The great thing about elete tablytes is that I only need to take 2-3 per hour, which means more opportunities to fuel and hydrate.

Bill Lenhart Las Vegas, NV

Jeff Lowe, mountain climber

Elete CitriLyte Add-In is a climber’s best friend, scientifically proven to enhance the thirst-quenching and restorative effects of good old H2O.

Jeff Lowe World-famous mountain climber

When my heart doctor recommended Elete Electrolyte Add-In following my recent surgery, I had no idea why. Even though my heart surgery was successful, I still suffer with some serious health problems as a result of having low blood pressure and a low heart rate. My doctor felt that I really needed a specialized supplement in order to try to balance my electrolytes. He only wanted me to try your product.

I can honestly say that since using the Elete Electrolyte Add-In for the past month I've been noticing a change in the way I feel. By boosting my electrolytes and keeping them more balanced, I am alleviating some of the symptoms I was having. This week in particular I began resuming some mild exercise. I've been using the Elete CitriLyte Add-In before I exercise, during my exercise, and at other times throughout the day. I feel much better overall. I feel stronger and less tired. It's hard to put into words. All I know is that it has been making a very positive difference in my health.

I plan on continuing with this great product for a very long time.

Leslie Gebaide

"If you are under a doctor's care or on prescription medicine, always consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement."

Al-Andalus was the first event that I used it [elete Electrolyte Add-In] after I completely went off my normal sports drinks and only drank this [elete] in the last 3 days of the race.

You may like to hear that I have just been to the Himalayas to run "The High". AAUT was training for this(!). The High was a 222km non-stop race at high altitude, average of 14,800 feet and two high passes over 17,500 feet. This was the most challenging race of this distance I have ever run (there are two reports on my website, under the August news section.)

In the long report, elete gets a mention as I used this throughout the race. That large bottle (120ml) that was given in the goodies bag at AAUT was intact when I took it to India, I drank the whole lot over the 37 hours it took me to run the race. Throughout the race the main drink I had was 500ml of water, 1 capful of eletewater and 1 scoop of neutral High Five (carbohydrate powder). I ate little during the race as altitude seriously affect digestion and fluid was always the key.

Altitude is supposed to dehydrate you more than sea level and am pleased to say that I finished the race well hydrated and reduced the mens' course record from 48 hrs and 50 minutes (set last year) to 37 hrs 34 mins (and beat the men, of course).

Sharon Gayter Ultra-Endurance Champion Runner

Motor sport is a punishing and demanding environment for the driver and team, especially in endurance racing. I have been using Elete Electrolyte Add-In (elete water) for the past two years, I believe, with great success.

My job, as the Human Performance Director of Formula Fitness, the UK's No 1 company for training Racing Drivers, is to make sure that both the drivers and the team are fit for purpose in the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Team personal work for up to 40 hours with no rest during the Worlds toughest race, keeping them hydrated and mentally alert during this period is challenging. Without doubt using elete water helps in the toughest of racing environments. All team members have there own 25ml bottle at all times.

For the professional racing driver the challenge is even harder. Minimum double stints of 2 hours at a time, during the heat of summer – and then having to concentrate in the dead of night, take their toll.

Optimal hydration for me is key for racing drivers to function properly but not just hydration with water. Key electrolytes are required for brain function and thus optimal concentration levels. Elete water does all of this and more, it even allows for optimum hydration to be achieved using less water, which is important if your sitting in a car for three hours without a toilet"

Stewart Wild MSc Human Performance Director, Formula Fitness

We use the original elete just about every day in training. It's almost a staple for us. No matter the temperature (hot or cold), when you are pushing your body to the limits you need to replace the lost electrolytes that you are losing and elete does that. It helps us to avoid fatigue and steer clear of any cramping. Other electrolyte replacements are too sugary and often unnecessary during training. We'd rather be getting those calories from quality foods than empty liquid calories. We were immediately hooked to the CitriLyte. Elete had the right idea when it added essential elements that your body needs to their already great product. The CitriLyte has a great subtle flavor and is perfect for any athlete looking to perform.

Tracy & Lanny Barnes Olympic Biathletes

As a sport dietitian I am continually researching new products and ways to help the athletes that I work with fuel optimally. Elete Electrolyte Add-Ins have been great solution for many training and competition environments where hot climates make staying hydrated a challenge. In conjunction with proper hydration planning Elete has been very successful in eliminating cramping for many endurance athletes that I work with. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi we used Elete to boost up the electrolyte concentration of regular sports drinks which helped maintain hydration and rehydration in our athletes. As well, using Elete with some of the National team swimmers during warm weather training allowed the athletes to modify the electrolyte content of their sports drinks in accordance with hydration monitoring. Elete is a very versatile product that I have found expands the ability to individual hydration protocols and solutions. One of the main reasons why I chose Elete over other electrolyte products is that it is tested by a third party to ensure good manufacturing processes and safe ingredients so that I can be more confident in recommending it to athletes.

Dana Lis Sport Dietitian | Canadian Sport Centre Pacific

Just wanted to let you know, I used the Elete add-in with Carbo Pro yesterday and the Tablytes (one every 30 minutes) and I managed to escape the Ouachita Challenge unscathed! Not one single cramp! Not one single stomach issue. I felt pretty good the entire race, with the exception of the 8 miles of some pretty technical singletrack I had to tackle without water – stupid mistake. BUT…I’m totally convinced the Tablytes helped me recover after that near fatal mistake. It was near 90 in southern Arkansas, wildfire ablazing right on the trial and all. Just a crazy day yesterday!

I won’t be doing a race without them EVER again!

Mia Phillips

I was introduced to elete by a friend and began using it after long runs and during archery competitions in which I noticed improvements in my recovery. When I undertook the Everest Base Camp trek for charity in July the whole team used elete, at the end of a day trekking we would all use elete to replenish our electrolytes and none of the team had any problems with dehydration at the extreme altitudes of the Himalayas. Even our guides said they noticed a beneficial difference in how they felt after using elete! It is a great product and easily transportable especially on long treks!


Michael Emery Exeter University Rag International Event team

I wanted to let you know that I love your product. I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia.
I lost the ability to eat and drink safely, so I rely on a feeding tube and pump. One of the symptoms of my condition is chronic dehydration. I'm so glad to be able to use something that gives me extra hydration without any of the chemicals found in sports drinks. I make my own fluids concoction using your mix, which goes through my pump to my small intestine then into my blood-stream. It's like having an IV without being poked. Since using the product and figuring out the exact amount I need, I've been able to stay away from the hospital for a record of 1.5 months. That's huge for me.

I wrote a blog post about finally being able to get my life back, and I've linked your web-page. I'm hoping other people with my condition will try your product and get the great results I have.

Nicole Ottaway

I've always been told that all I would need was water to stay hydrated. Ilearned that lesson the hard way when I way playing beach volleyball and Iwas rushed to the hospital for what I later found out to be dehydration.

From then on, I drank sports drinks to stay hydrated but I still wasn't able to take the heat very well. I was hospitalized a second time and this time the doctors told me I was near death. That scared me into finding a better solution and I came across Elete Electrolytes and it is literally a life saver for me. I now feel confident to exercise and go for long walks on hotdays without compromising my health. Thanks for making this amazing product!

Amy Costello

I do a lot of traveling around the world – a typical year takes me to 10 countries or so and all sorts of environments, from the hot and humid southeast Asia to cold Chicago winters. And now elete's part of my standard arsenal when I travel.

I first heard about elete as an electrolyte replacement from first responders for the Haiti Earthquake and how first responders didn't have to suck down sports drinks to stay hydrated and active. When I had went to Singapore and Malaysia in December of 2009, I was drinking 7-8 liters of water a day through my Camelbak. At the end of the day, I felt horrible and lethargic. Between 90+ temps and 90% humidity, I was in bad shape.

Flash forward to April. I went to Vietnam and faced the same type of weather conditions. This time I was drinking 2 liters of elete-treated water and felt in better shape. I was outdoors longer, felt like I had more energy and wasn't as bad as I was in Singapore/Malaysia. That little dropper bottle of elete had helped me out big time. The best part was that I could avoid sports drinks like G_______ and the sheer amount of sugar that's in them. Typically when I'm dehydrated, sugar is the last thing I need because I just feel even worse after drinking them."

Nick Hawkins

The elete water has gone down very well with my players. I have 3-4 players who suffer from cramp during games of which one has tried every possible supplements and homeopathic mixtures (vinegar, honey and hot water). His pattern of cramp was always kicking in at the 60- minute mark and never suffered from cramp in training.

Since using elete none have reported any symptoms of cramp and it seems to have reduced the fear of cramp during evening games, which for some reason worried a couple of them probably down to previous experiences. The more symptomatic player has now stopped taking all other recommendations and is now just using elete.

I will continue to use elete throughout the season…I have also recommended elete to a few of my colleagues…

E.U. Chief Physio of a U.K.-Premier Soccer Club

I’m delighted to have the support of elete, I know it’s a great product. I’m happy to endorse the product, as an athlete and as a doctor. It will I am sure, become an increasingly important resource in keeping competitors performing well in endurance events.

Dr. Andrew Murray Scotland to Sahara
August 2010-January 2011

Sixty-one miles on elete at weekend and not a single cramp – not even on the hideous STILES. Also had another UltraRunner using it who has been plagued by cramps all year so far – and he was doing really well on it.

Simon Berry UK Ultra Running Champs
May 2009

Ran round most of Al Andalus stage 2 today, (37km section, 1000m ascent) very hard, very beautiful, team mate with me, (before he goes to Libya on fire fighting contract). We both used elete water only, carrying 2 litres each, great, no problems and it hit 33C for most of the run.

My other teammate, Mark Wooley, ran a 24-hr race this weekend, he was also impressed, no hydration problems and usually he has suffered. He was a bit off colour before start so didn't manage to cover 200km, but he is looking on target for the Spartathlon in September, this is 248km and very hard cut offs require a high pace across Greece.

Paul Bateson Team Axarsport
May 2009

“Well, I'm a very skeptical and cynical chap, but I can now say that I have given elete a proper test in harsh conditions.

Most of us on the Al Andalus Ultra Trail were using it as it was sponsored by them. I've never really got on with n___, didn't like the fizz, got cramps, didn't like flavours. Temps in the week were up to 40'C, and I could drink up to 9 litres of fluid during a day's stage, including 2.5 litres in about 90 mins.

Last time I used ____ at a weekend adventure race (albeit at greater intensity of exercise) I couldn't tie my shoelace without cramping and even woke up at night with cramps.

In Spain I ran for 5.30 to 8 hrs in high temps, up and down big hills for 5 days. The entire time I got no stomach cramps and only 2 muscle cramps while trying to cross my legs at dinner!!

I could not believe how well I felt all week, and whilst I cannot claim it all down to elete (I did do some training!) I think it played a substantial part.

I'm sold and will use it a lot more in future. P.S. Al Andalus is fantastic!!”

Dr. Steve Epstein

“Prior to the Alandalus ultra trail run in Spain, I had always been plagued by severe cramps and crashes associated with insufficient balanced electrolyte reserves and processing, which resulted in much slower times in ultra-distance events compared to shorter runs.

I encountered Dave Thomas at the race and enquired if elete water would be a suitable solution to this problem. He had no doubts that elete water would completely eliminate the cramping and although sceptical, I tried the recommended dosage. The transformation was quite remarkable. So much so that it helped my efforts to 3rd place overall when I questioned my ability to even complete that race because of my record of cramping after 40-50 km.

I have no doubt that salt deficiency and the benefits of elete water are directly linked to my own personal performance requirements. I extend much thanks to Dave Thomas for his advice throughout the run in Spain, and I will continue to use and promote the product in all of my future endurance runs.

Paul Hewitson

As for the racing, I'm never without it [elete]. I love the stuff. I even use it for recovery and pre race / training. I feel refreshed, hydrated and clear minded when I use it [elete]. Before I would be riddled with cramp at the end of a race – and quite often mid-race. Now I can honestly say that isn't the case. We raced this Sunday and I didn't cramp at all. Sadly we had lots of mechanical troubles that put us well down the order, but that's being addressed for the next race. I haven’t once used my n___ tablets as I couldn't stand the thought of that taste after using elete. We appreciate your help to the team.

Ben Shannon

Thank you very much for sending me samples of your elete water, it has made a big difference to my performance in both Ice Hockey and Motor Cross as I don’t have to stop at all during an Ice Hockey game, which means I have a huge advantage over other players as I’m not dehydrated, and when all the other riders in motor cross are growing tired and dehydrated while racing I’m still hydrated and ready to win! I have attached some images above of a recent expedition to Spain for motor cross I was using your products while I was there, and it gave me a real edge!!

I will certainly be in touch soon regarding ordering some elete so I stay at the top of the field.

Terry Howlett

Elete: its value for money compared to other sports drinks. Also, how whenever you have a glass of water after a session you can use a drop of elete.

Chris Wright

I took part in the Marathoin Des Sable 2009, pack weight is critical, Elete is the outstanding product of choice to reduce pack weight and provide essential electrolyte replacement. It's taste free, you can add it to any foodstuff. You can't overdose on it. I have used it for my general sports drink, as well as super concentrated to assist promote recovery when suffering extreme exhaustion and unable to stomach any other electrolyte product. I will be using it for my next challenge, a 1000 mile cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats.

Keith Anderson

The best solution for me to avoid cramps and avoid heart fluctuations after training!! I recommend everybody with cramps to use the product.

Guido van Gucht

I have been using elete for one month and already have noticed a difference in my energy levels and muscle reapair … I usually have it in my bottle while training-doing the London marathon in 2 wks but usually have it in my bottle while I’m at work…Absolutely love it!!!

Ann Caldecott

At last I've found a product that works and that doesn't upset my stomach. It took me a couple of weeks to build up my depleted levels of minerals from the past 6 months of training, now I feel so much better, have greater energy, and I'm showing no signs of getting any cramps – fantastic! After 2 years off I've now just started competing again and in the two Aquathlons I've raced, I've been in the top 8 overall and won the 40-49 age group. Elete rocks, thank you.

Duncan Richards

Richard YatesI started using elete in November 2010 during my winter training programme. I train 6 days a week, and I compete Internationally over 400 hurdles. Once you get to a certain level in the sport of athletics, there is only so much training and hard work that you can do and to gain a competitive advantage over the other athletes. You have to look to other areas such as nutrition and lifestyle.

I drink elete throughout the day whether I am training or not, and it is a simple, yet highly effective product , which helps me to recover faster between sessions and provides me with the optimum hydration levels and energy I need to get the most out of my running, lifting, and technical sessions. Prior to using elete I had suffered from muscular cramps during heavy training sessions and often had to cut sessions short, but this problem has now been eradicated. During heavy lactic tolerance sessions, I get a terrible feeling of nausea due to the lactic acid, which my body produces, and often find it hard to stomach sugary electrolyte drinks such as Lucozade® (Lucozade is a registered mark of Glaxo Group Ltd. Corporation). The neutral taste of elete is, therefore, a more pleasant and natural way to remain hydrated during training. The tablet option is also available, which I use when I am short of time.

On the whole, I believe that hydration is of massive importance to any individual whether you are competing in sport or not. I feel that elete has allowed me to train to my maximum during sessions, recover faster between sessions, and ensured that my energy levels have remained high throughout the day. I intend to continue using elete throughout the season, and I am optimistic as to the benefit it will have when I come to race over 400 hurdles in the 2011 season.


Richard Yates UK 400 hurdles champion 2008 UK 400 hurdles under 23 British record holder
5th in Commonwealth Games 2010 400 hurdles
3rd in 4×400 Commonwealth Games 2010
pb; 49.06 seconds

Dear Sirs:
In the spring of 2010 I was involved in a large propane explosion, which burned my face and arms. I was able to handle a lot of pain at first, but the trauma caused so much stress to my body that after three days my adrenals started shutting down and my electrolytes were getting way out of balance. I felt really lousy and depressed. I was at the time in the Burn ICU at the U of U. The care was excellent, but pharmaceuticals were the only offering for my condition and, for me, they made matters worse. I can’t adequately describe the state I was in. I didn’t feel like anything was working right, it was difficult to deal with the pain, I couldn’t hold onto the fluids (they went right on through), all of the nutrients were washing out as well. I didn’t feel like I was healing, but worse was the sense of being so very out of balance and feeling depressed. At my family’s insistence I was released from the ICU after only six days to being cared for at home. At home, we immediately started a regimen of herbs, salves, vitamins, natural foods and oils to promote healing. Despite all our efforts nothing seemed to help my out-of-balance condition.

Within minutes of taking elete minerals I noticed a change for the better. That night after taking elete I slept restfully for the first time in over a week. Within days of taking elete and the adrenal support I felt whole again, I felt stronger and more able to deal with the constant pain associated with burns. As of this writing it has been just over four months. I have been healing remarkably well and see improvements daily. Burns are not quick to heal, but due to my dramatic improvements, I was able to return to work on a limited basis after only six weeks. In part, I owe these marked improvements to elete minerals. elete is part of my daily routine. I never realized how important electrolyte balance is. Life is good! Thank you elete.M. Andrew Johnson D.D.S. Paradise, Utah

Just wanted to let you know how your product has worked for me this year. I have had several heavy crampers the past few football seasons and was looking for a supplement to help them out with their issues. I found your product on the web and ordered some for this season. I ordered 2, 32 oz liquid bottles and a bottle of tablytes. I issued the tablytes to my problem players as directed on the bottle and had fantastic results. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my problem athletes. Each player received one tablet an hour before game time and another tablet each 45min to an hour after that and was supplemented with the liquid added to water during the games. Their leg cramps were significantly reduced or eliminated completely. One of my athletes cramped up so bad last season at halftime of our first game, he couldn't leave the locker room and would cramp up in almost each game. This year using your supplements, he had virtually no issues and did not lose a single minute of playing time to cramping during a game.When mixed to directions, it has little to no taste in the water, just gives it a slight mineral taste.Love the results and will be making Elete supplements a regular part of my hydration program. Just ordered 4 more bottles of Tablytes! Sincerely,Jeff Kime, ATC Head Athletic Trainer Nordonia High School Macedonia, OH

elete IS STILL THE BEST EVER! Many, many people ask me about cramping and dehydration and the key is elete. I don't want to stop using it. It is just incredible how it helps your body! Jo Lawn Seven-Time Ironman New Zealand Champion

I was on a recent hike with one of our local clubs. We gained over 4000 feet elevation and I started cramping up at the summit. I was really concerned about getting off that mountain. After all, I had a full quart of Gatorade®* in my water bladder. A fellow hiker had some elete™ with him and gave me a drink, probably about a half pint. I kid you not when I tell you that the cramps instantly went away and I was able to continue on. I firmly believe in this drink and will use it from now on. Wayne Johnson City, TN

First of all, thank you for letting me field your product on this deployment. In a country that doesn't drink water, but only tea, hydration is a large problem. Before receiving elete Electrolyte Add-In, I would see at least four to five heat-related patients a day. For each person, I would use the standard 2,000 ml LR and packs of ORS [Oral Re-hydration Solution] salts, but would see the same guys back. After I started using elete Electrolytes, my numbers have dropped significantly. I've saved on I.V. fluids. The soldiers are more active quicker and longer [hydrating with elete™] than with traditional means. I attribute this not only to the solution itself [elete] but to it's drink-ability. People will not use something if they don't like the taste. I started using [elete] this product during the extreme time during the acclimatization period. Coming from Washington state to Afghanistan in July was tough on my soldiers. Since using the elete™ Electrolytes, I haven't had one heat-related patient, and my infantry soldiers still come back for more. They use it on long missions, in the gym, and even during long maintenance days in the motor pool. Since I've had each soldier in my company carry one bottle in their pocket at all times, I have not had one person go down. Thank you elete Electrolytes for helping me preserve the fighting strength of my unit. THANK YOU SGT H. J.EMT-BC-CO SENIOR MEDIC

You may not realize this, but one of the challenges for patients with Cystic Fibrosis is salt loss due to its root defect: a problem with the sodium ion exchange in the mucous membranes. Our son (who is 8 now) struggled with horrible leg cramps for many years, especially when he would run and play, or simply sweat in the Arizona heat. Gatorade®* and bananas were OK, but at his size, he could not drink the amount necessary to keep his electrolyte levels up. That was before we found elete. Now, we can adjust the amount of electrolytes he receives based on the situation. I am trying to find a good way to get the word out to CF patients and their parents about this product. K. Waggoner Everett, WA

I just wanted to let you know that I just won my first U.S. National Road Racing Championship in Louisville, KY this week using elete electrolyte drops. It was the first time using them and I thought you would be happy to know that I really feel it helped me stave off cramps in the final few miles! Over the past couple of years I have developed cramps during intense exercise more frequently. So, the morning of the National Championship Road Race I grabbed my elete Electrolyte drops and added them to all of my bottles. Everything was on the line that day, and I was looking not only for any advantage but also to avoid any potential trouble! As the race began, the usually warm, muggy Louisville temperatures had given way to a quite mild 70 degrees. Cramping was the last thing on my mind at that point, but with 16 miles to go in the 60-mile race against the best in the country, I attacked. My legs felt great and the miles flew by! Up and down the rolling terrain. Around the curves and through the corners I raced. All that stood between victory and me was a couple of hills. The race official drove up to me and notified me that I had a 50-second lead. I turned up the last big hill when it happened. Both quads cramps simultaneously. Panic set in as I thought I might lose the lead. A couple of light pedal strokes, a quick drink of water and my legs loosened up—a close call indeed. It’s times like that you appreciate taking the small steps towards victory. Racing up to the finish line it finally hit me when I heard the announcer say, "Here comes your new National Champion, Mike Onkels!" Thanks elete for helping me in my win! Michael J. Onkels, D.C. 2009 U.S. Cycling National Champion

I like to play really hard – ski patrol, hiking, biking, soccer. For years, every time I'd do a long activity, I would end up with a massive dehydration headache and basically sleep for the rest of the day. I drank tons of water and Gatorade®*, but it never helped. Almost every day that I patrolled, I would come home with the same headache. A friend gave me a sample of elete, to try, and it was incredible. I use it in my hydration system every time I ski/hike/bike now, and since I've started, I have never gotten a headache! I used to drink 200 oz. or more on a long hike to try to avoid the headache, but now I can get away with about half that! I did an eight-hour hike today (in Utah in July) and felt great with under 100 oz. of water + elete. (The physiology of it is very legitimate: a hypotonic solution like plain H20 causes dehydrated brain cells to swell up inside the skull = headache!, but an isotonic solution like elete-water allows for re-hydration)! Thank you for inventing it! Jennifer

We recommend elete and Tablytes to all of our Bikram Yoga students. elete electrolytes are the most powerful and pure electrolytes we have ever found. Consuming sugary sports drinks in our 105-degree room can make your body feel sick, so it is discouraged. Practicing Bikram Yoga causes the body to sweat out these essential electrolytes, and most people do not get enough nutrition from their food to replace them. The students who introduce elete into their practice always tell us, 'Wow, what a difference elete makes! [It].helps with nausea, dizziness, headaches, stamina, and energy!' Brandon Kietzman Co-Director,Bikram Yoga Traverse City, MI Bikram's Yoga College of India–Traverse City, MI

In my practice, I treat many patients whose medications lower sodium as a side effect. This type of hyponatremia is very difficult to manage and can lead to dangerously low-sodium levels when [and] if they drink plain water. elete is a remarkable product that has almost single-handedly solved this problem. I can recommend its use and encourage my patients to return to a normal fluid intake (rather than restrict fluids to manage their low sodium level) and not have to worry about excessive caloric intake. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!! Eric Heiligenstein — Physician University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI

I used elete Electrolyte Add-In samples again in a 75-mile race on Saturday and qualified for the Empire State Games. I'm only a cat 4 and was racing against 1's and 2's. Couldn't have done it if I had cramped up. This stuff is awesome. I told all my teammates to order some-but I'm not telling any of the other teams about it. R.A.

I have been using elete electrolytes in my water bottles during training andraces for the 2007 season, and I have yet to feel even a hint of cramping. Usually, I begin to get the telltale tinges in my calves late in a race, but apparently elete add-in has got that taken care of! If people comment about how crusty and salty you look after a ride, I would not hesitate to give this stuff a try. In fact, I would order some ASAP! With the hot summer months approaching, I am grateful to have such a fine quality product in my arsenal. Selfishly, I kind of hope that some of my crusty competitors don't find out about elete add-in. Chris B. Eugene, OR

I will be racing with the Sienna Development team this coming year and will be sponsored by elete electrolytes. I had never tried elete electrolytes until a few months ago. I have always had problems with cramping in races and have never seemed to be able to get over it. Once I started using elete electrolytes, I noticed that they were occurring later in my workouts or races. Now I have dialed in my drops per bottle, and I have been doing great. Even in national caliber events I am able to make it through without cramping. I will use elete electrolytes forever. Thank you for such a great, easy-to-use product! Bryson Perry Good Idea Guru

Love elete! I put in it my water all the time, not just for events. Sugary electrolyte replacements upset my stomach and leave a sticky coating on my teeth, and elete leaves water tasting clean. elete’s mild salty flavor is a perfect replacement. I hear that some people even use it to salt their vegetables.: ) Also, a fine fringe benefit: It works great as a hangover cure. Deb Wood

I really like the stuff. I've never liked the taste of the sugary stuff, and the salty taste of elete is barely noticeable. I usually mix it with water for the rides, and iced tea for recovery drinks. Rebecca Domzal

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