Worker Safety Testimonials


If you are taking prescription medications and/or under the care of a physician,consult your physician first before consuming elete or any dietary supplement.

I should like to show my appreciation for [elete Water]. It is more easily and completely mixed by those who administer it than the powdered ones we used previously.

And most importantly, it works. As you know, summer here can be brutally hot, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees C, with very high humidity, to the extent that the government legislates reduced daytime working hours from June to September.

I'm pleased to inform you that during the hot summer months of 2010, when we provided our workers with a powdered additive, we had 5 cases of heat stress requiring hospitalisation. Yet during the hot summer months of 2011 (which included Ramadan, when many workers are fasting) when we switched to providing elete Water, we had no cases at all! This can only be attributed to the elete Water, as no other part of the process was changed.

I wish you continued success with this excellent product!

Philip Batty, B. Eng Management Systems Manager, Pivot Engineering and General Contracting (W.L.L.)

hard worker

Working as a Contractor in the UAE comes with its own set of issues, one of which is the extreme summer weather conditions and the effect this has on our staff. AMBB are not a huge contractor within the UAE market and our workforce is relatively small, and to use an old saying, ‘you are only as good as the people you employ’ and that means we need to look after them.

Elete offers a great opportunity to allow all our workforce and subcontractors to have unlimited access to Hydration fluids through the onsite drinking facilities, Elete can be added to the water at source, unlike many other hydration solutions which when required in a large quantity come in powder form and is then mixed in individual containers and distributed to the workforce.

AMBB would have no hesitation in recommending Elete Add ins to all fellow contractors, during previous years we have had a number of our staff suffer from heat exhaustion and cramp, but following the introduction of Elete last year we had no reported incidences of heat exhaustion or cramping, and even a marked increase in production during the cruel summer months

Byron Davies, Construction Manager, AMBB

In a country that doesn't drink water, but only tea, hydration is a large problem. Before receiving this product, I would see at least four to five heat-related patients a day. For each one, I would use the standard 2,000 mL LR and packs of ORS salts, but would see the same guys back.

After I started using elete Electrolytes' products, my numbers have dropped significantly. I've saved on I.V. fluids and only give this product. The soldiers are more active quicker and longer than with traditional means. I attribute this not only to the solution itself, but to its drink-ability. People will not use something if they don't like the taste.

I started using this product during the extreme time during the acclimatization period. Coming from Washington state to Afghanistan in July was tough on my soldiers. Since using the elete Electrolytes' product, I didn't have one heat-related patient, and my infantry soldiers still come back for more. They use it on long missions, in the gym, and even during long maintenance days in the motor pool. Since I have had each soldier in my company carry one bottle in their pocket at all times, I have not had one person go down.

Thank you elete Electrolytes for helping me preserve the fighting strength of my unit.

Sgt.XXXXXXXXX; EMT-B XXXXX; C-CO SENIOR MEDIC (Note: Name of military personnel protected. Edited for grammar.)